Php Version

php 5.5



php 5.6



php 7.0



php 7.1



i tried many times i assume average of load times as screenshot above…

why php 5.5 faster than other newer php version…

whats wrong with my configuration??

all php is default production ini file…

i wanna build project with yii2 using newer php version but load time making me so sad for large scale project…

give me a hope… master… thanks before

I did not ask about tuning because it is already tuned (yii2)

im using debug to check load time yii2…

I ask why php 5.5 faster than other newer php version in yii2?

I’ve tried to move projects to other local server, but the result remains the same…

im using Apache version : Apache/2.4.18 (Win32) #default configuration

Could be because it has APC turned on while 7 has opcache turned off. I’ve linked to that doc so you can check aspects in which environments may differ.