PHP 5.3 and Yii


Why don’t you read the message and set the date.timezone (e.g. in php.ini)? Yii could add a timezon configuration, sure. But IMO this is part of the server config. Yii should not duplicate any possible PHP configuration. So it’s your responsibility to keep the PHP configuration up-to-date whenever you upgrade to a new main version.

I resolved my own issue… You have to set the timezone setting in php.ini file inorder to get yii to work properly…

PHP 5.3 requires that you set your timezone location

Yii 1.1.3 and PHP 5.3 don’t work with SQLite3.

Start demo ("Phonebook" or "Yii blog") and see result:

In attachment all my sources


What is the latest status on PHP 5.3 and Yii?

Full support at application level and some usage at framework level (with 5.2 fallbacks). So basically it means:

  • Anonymous functions as event handlers.

  • Anonymous functions as gridview callbacks and all other callbacks.

  • Ability to use namespaces for application classes. Autoloader will load these.

  • No 5.3 deprecation notices.