Pagination Issue

I am using the following code in the controller action

$pages=new CPagination(user::model()->count($criteria));



In the respective view i am using following

<?php $this->widget('CLinkPager',array('pages'=>$pages)); ?>

Here the pagination is working but the problem is that with every new page the sequence starts with 1

Can anybody tell me where and wat change is needed.

No body in the forum to reply ???????


you have to override createPageUrl method, where you can send own parameters.

I tried this one but its not working… can u tell me the exact code for overriding the method…or any other method to do so…I searched for similar methods but couldn’t find one.

please help me out with some code

Did you mean you get a query result list start from first record in every page you press in pagination?

The records are being displayed fine but the indexing is not proper it always start from 1 for every page.

Just look at the code…and suggest me some modifications

Did you pass the $pages variable from controller action to view when you render the page?

I can’t get enough information from the code you pasted.

Ya i am passing it like this






i am even passing pagesize in the controller

const PAGE_SIZE=5;

it is working but the problem is just with the indexing…Do I need to handle indexing separately or overriding some function …what??