Need an example of how to access a joined table

I have two tables, entity and alt. An entity can have many alt’s, but any alt belongs to only one entity.

Yii regonizes this properly in the model.

What I am stuck on is how to proceed from here. How do I now access the data so that I can show int the alt view/update pages the data from entity AND during create populate a dropdown with all entity’s for selection?

Does anyone have an example of a similar situation that they are willing to share?

I’ve done this using Form builder. For views/alt/_form.php:

return array(

    'showErrorSummary' => true,

    'elements' => array(

        'name' => array(

            'alt1' => 'text',

            'alt2' => 'text',


        'altEntity' => array(

            'type' => 'dropdownlist',

                // specify label in controller action



    'buttons' => array(

		// etc.



‘altEntity’ is the name of Alt’s relation to Entity.

Then in AltController.php::actionAdd() or actionUpdate():

$form['altEntity']->label = $model->getAttributeLabel('entityName');

$form['altEntity']->items = CHtml::listData(Entity::model()->findAll(), 'id', 'name');

rendering the form with

$this->render($viewFile, array(

    'form' => $form,

    'model' => $model,


‘entityName’ is defined in Alt::attributeLabels(); $model is from $this->loadModel() of course, and gets you the data for that alt.

To include relational data in a CGridView, as you might use with an index action, pass the CGridView the following dataProvider:

new CActiveDataProvider('alt', array(

    'criteria' => array(

        'with' => array(

            'entity' => array(

                'select' => 'foo, bar'





Thanks for your assitance, helped me out a lot.