[MODULE] AutoAdmin CMS Framework

Now it should be okay with any tags, I’ve corrected it.

You are welcome!

How do i configure the "enum" parameter?

ive been playing around with this all day, truly awesome. Nice work.

I’ve added this info to the description.

The main thing it’s powerful for nearly any tasks. If you like it, like it :)

I copied the files to a linux server, i set ‘authMode’ => true but whenever i try to login it just keeps redirecting back to the login page… everything seems ok, but obviously i must have overlooked something, can you help pls?

If there aren’t any errors in logs (which theoretically can be caused the case-sensitive feature), check your session configuration - may they dont start?

Then you may try ti debug, editing AutoAdmin files. The authentication is built on classical Yii architecture.

Good news!

Now (with 1.2b version) you can generate interfaces (Yii actions) for SQL tables automatically. You only need to tune complicated and specific fields or give them good titles.

No more "monkey-code"!

Go to /autoadmin/aagenerator/ in your panel or use the link in the right bottom corner of any page.

great job!

i noticed there is a problem with tables having more than one foreign key, is there a way to configure that?

Of course you can use as many foreign keys as you wish. If you have any problems with that new generator, you can write ForeignKey code manually.

I’d be grateful If you create an issue here: https://github.com/vintage-dreamer/AutoAdmin-Yii-Extension/issues?state=open

thanks, its not an issue… i didnt configure the foreign keys properly

How do i view the audit logs?