integrate paypal in yii2

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hi i wanna integrate paypal in my yii2 project can you provide me instructions on how to do it…

thanks :)

(Damien) #2

It’s not something I’ve tried to do but a quick Google search brought me to here:

(Storytellercontact) #3

If you want to personalize the Paypal experience on your site, google out "paypal APIs".

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Hello out there, :)

Attached you can find an entire Yii2 environment with the pre-configured paypal checkout.

You can find a sample in frontend/controllers/SiteController’s index action. Under common/components/paypal you can find 3 examples:

  1. express checkout

  2. Print payment card details

  3. Pyament via Credit Debit Card

If you have any question please do not hesitate to ask.

(4004ar) #6

The archive was too big for the forum. So I’ve uploaded an entire Yii2 application template with working paypal integration on Github. You can find the setup at Github on:

(Ajith Tejas) #7

hi jepster,

well i am getting a page not found error when i clicked on your link…

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thanks man :)

(4004ar) #10

You’re welcome. :)

Please notice that it’s currently very easey to implement the paypal sdk for your needs in the Yii controller. This setup gives you only a complete insight, but it’s really easy and self explaining. ;)

(Arunwebber) #11

I was checking the above can you tell me where is the controller code? My question is like this Yii2 paypal integration