integrate paypal in yii2

hi i wanna integrate paypal in my yii2 project can you provide me instructions on how to do it…

thanks :)

It’s not something I’ve tried to do but a quick Google search brought me to here:

If you want to personalize the Paypal experience on your site, google out "paypal APIs".


Hello out there, :)

Attached you can find an entire Yii2 environment with the pre-configured paypal checkout.

You can find a sample in frontend/controllers/SiteController’s index action. Under common/components/paypal you can find 3 examples:

  1. express checkout

  2. Print payment card details

  3. Pyament via Credit Debit Card

If you have any question please do not hesitate to ask.

The archive was too big for the forum. So I’ve uploaded an entire Yii2 application template with working paypal integration on Github. You can find the setup at Github on:

hi jepster,

well i am getting a page not found error when i clicked on your link…


thanks man :)

You’re welcome. :)

Please notice that it’s currently very easey to implement the paypal sdk for your needs in the Yii controller. This setup gives you only a complete insight, but it’s really easy and self explaining. ;)

I was checking the above can you tell me where is the controller code? My question is like this Yii2 paypal integration