Improved Firebird Adapter


Great extension, thats exactly what I was looking for.

All is working fine, I can run queries, commands… but (always the but…)

When I try to make a model via gii it’s says: “Table does not exist.”

Any hint?


I found something… I’m using Firebird 1.5 (for compatibility issues).

And the following query not runs on FB1.5


                        WHERE RDB$SYSTEM_FLAG = 0

                        AND RDB$RELATION_NAME=upper(\'' . $table->name . '\')

                        AND RDB$TRIGGER_TYPE = 1

                        AND RDB$TRIGGER_INACTIVE = 0

                        AND (UPPER(REPLACE(RDB$TRIGGER_SOURCE,\' \',\'\')) LIKE \'%NEW.\'||TRIM(rel.rdb$field_name)||\'=GEN_ID%\'

                            OR UPPER(REPLACE(RDB$TRIGGER_SOURCE,\' \',\'\')) LIKE \'%NEW.\'||TRIM(rel.rdb$field_name)||\'=NEXTVALUEFOR%\'))

                    AS fautoinc

Just fixed to always pass

0 as fautoinc

, and will change manually on model when needed.

Now is all good.


GGGreat extension! How can I change charset when connecting base?

:) answer myself …

‘connectionString’ => ‘firebird:dbname=localhost:D:\000\base\DBC_20131214.FDB;charset=utf8’,


I need a little help about firebird generator name. How to get next ID from generator for specific table ?

For example: if my table is with name "my_table_name", what sholud be the generator name ?

MySQL and PostgreSQL adapters takes autoincrement value from sequence automaticaly, how to do that in firebird?