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How to get started with Yii 3.0 application

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Well noted

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btw: About application setup … this is how Symfony does it https://symfony.com/doc/current/setup/flex.html - just for reference(!)

(Alexander Makarov) #64

We’ve discussed the matter with @schmunk and @cebe and decided that we can have both easy start and a good further flexibility. For that we can strip web application from any JS or CSS dependencies. That would eliminate the need to set up asset systems right away making installation one-liner again.

Simple template will be more than enough to play with and build simple things. If that’s not enough we’ll provide a guide on how to initialize different asset systems.

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Perfect, yii2 will be very different from yii3, worries how many extensions will not migrate to yii3.

(Jiuly Rojas) #66


imagine that I am a person who does not know anything about Yii and who is knowing the framework for the first time

What steps should I follow to install Yi3?

Follow the steps commented by @vanhelvzla but it does not work

I want a guide for dummy

(Jacob Moen) #67

You are not in the target group for Yii 3.
It is far from finished and people who want to try it need to be confident with Yii 2,and know what they are getting themselves into.


Yii 3 is currently in heavy development, so things will break. If you want to get started with Yii, I suggest to use Yii 2 for now.


(Jiuly Rojas) #69

Thanks @cebe but I am 6 years old with yii and 4 years with yii2. I am currently active in the forum and with github. But I do not know how I could cooperate for yii3

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@jiuly256 we’ll address that…

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Yii2 is awesome, and it is enough for me. I also look forward to Yii3.

(Jacob Moen) #72

If you are a Yii veteran, you ought to know better than to ask for a “dummy guide” for a preview / early dev version of Yii :wink:
Since it is very early, I would rather see that the team focuses on developing instead of documenting a moving target…