How can my app read source file on windows?


I’m currently developing my Yii application on linux and everything works just fine… :D

The last time I tried to run it from windows using xampp, but it didn’t work well… :(

The problem is my application can’t read any source that comes from “../protected/extensions”

I have tried to change the permission of both files and folder, but nothing really works…

Does anyone have the solution for the problem I face now?

Thank you for your attention… :D

isn’t there anyone know how to solve my problem? :)

Well you’re not describing enough informatino to give anybody much idea how to help.

What does it mean “can’t read”? Are you getting error messages? Do your server logs show any errors?

I’m sorry, I thought that my words would be understand easily… :(

The word “can’t read” here means my application can’t do any function / style which files are located in ‘…/protected/extensions/’…

But strangely my application goes well on my computer at home (can read those function & style), but not on the others…

After a few days of searching I found that it was all my mistakes… :(

I shouldn’t have put my function & css files in ‘../protected/extensions/’ but in ‘../assets/’.

After all it was me who don’t understand Yii well enough yet… :(

Thank you…

I recommend you to read this wiki

Thank you very much Asgaroth, I really appreciate it…

That’s just what I need to know actually… :D