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Congrats! Yii is so sweet :)

This was an already fixed bug. Please checkout the latest revision from the Google Code page.

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As I wrote in extensions’ comments area.

Am I missing something or extension author assumed that everyone will be putting ‘giix-components’ and ‘giix-core’ folders directly under ‘protected/extensions’ folder, which is rather bad idea. Any attempt to put this extension to a separate subfolder like ‘protected/extensions/giix’ fails, even if one update correctly configuration file, according to INSTALL file instructions - Gii will fail when trying to access Giix* elements of it, saying that specified alias is invalid.

An ability to put this extension to an separate folder is especially essential since it contains files like INSTALL or LICENSEE in root folder, which could run into conflict with similar files from other extension that also does not allow users to put them into separate folder. This should be fixed IMHO.

Well, there’s zero thumbs down now. Have they been fixed - i.e. removed? Does extensions repository has such possibility? :)

Yes the admin removed the thumbs down, it’s mentioned somewhere in this thread.


In the base model, the tableName method should return {{xxx}} rather than just xxx.

I’m hundred percent pro! The same should work for Wiki text. Giving some extension or article thumb down without spending at least few seconds on writing at least one line, why there is thumb down - seems to be pointless, useless and having no sense.

I don’t know if extension / wiki engine is Yii-based or build upon some other ready solution? Can extensions / wiki admin or moderator or someone from Yii dev team answers me (and jacmoe), if proposed feature is technically possible?

Hello Trejder,

Yes, the directories must be put inside ‘protected/extensions’.

There is currently no plan to change this, but if you think it is important, you can open a ticket at Google Code for this enhancement. With enough support (and time) this can be changed.

And the text files aren’t needed in the live project directory, you just need the two directories.

Hello jamesmoey,

giix follows what gii does. I can’t see any code path where gii generates ‘{{tableName}}’.

I can see this behaviour in cli’s deprecated model generation.

If you are using gii and it in fact returns this string, please open a ticket at Google Code with more information.

Thank you!

giix is updated!

Download version 1.1.1 from the extension repository.

giix is updated!

Download version 1.2 from the extension repository.

I just installed the 1.2 version ( exactly like explained in INSTALL file ) and it gives me:

Unable to resolve the request "gii/giixModel".

any idea why ?

Maybe becuz my ‘protected’ folder is named “application” instead ?

How does your ext directory look like?


my extensions directory is the following:










and my config is like:














        	'generatorPaths' => array(

				'application.extensions.giix-core', // giix generators




Please use the settings as specified in INSTALL file.

If giix does not work, open a ticket in Google Code.

like i just posted its exactly the same as explained

the only diff. is that i replaced "ext" by "application.extensions" which means the same thing

anyway …

Please open a ticket so I can work in this issue.

giix is updated!

Download version 1.3 from the extension repository.

Now giix has native support for saving MANY_MANY relations with the new method GxActiveRecord::saveWithRelated. Check the README file for more information.


Can you upload a demo or sample app with its MySQL dump for learning to use giix quickly, through examples.



Mentel (Rodrigo?),

Gostei muito da extensão e estou fazendo algumas modificações que poderiam ser interessantes para outras pessoas.

A primeira delas é o conceito de colunas "editáveis", que será usado para gerar os formulários, grid, etc…

Essa necessidade surgiu porque todas as minhas tabelas têm campos de log de criação e alteração e esses campos não deveriam aparecer para o usuário.

Como fiz para um caso bem particular, apenas filtrei os campos que iniciam com "log_". No caso de incorporar, você pode generalizar ou configurar essa regra.


In the method generateRules (), the condition for the $ null [] should not be:

if ($column->allowNull && $column->defaultValue === null)