Extension Yiiheart For Yiibooster

I have create extension YiiHeart for Yiibooster

What is the Yii Heart

Yii heart is extension base on wonderfull widget as known as Yiibooster. It for improve result of automatic generation code / gii from yiibooster default be a amazing generation code , so You will get view yiibooster ready. At default gii only generate Model and Create Reate Update n Delete, but in YiiHeart you will get CRUD++++, plus export – import – editable – calendar without type code anymore. With YiiHeart You can create a project by fast, smart, beautiful… Create Professional Web Application in Minutes, Are You Ready?

Features of the Yii Heart

 Gii improved for yiibooster

 Gii batch CRUD generator (direct generete crud of all model)

 Export to excel, html, pdf, word

 Import from excel

 Calendar agenda

 Soft delete (not really delete, only update field and hidden from view)

Please check http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/yiiheart/

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In the gii crud generator, what is the difference between ‘Normal’, ‘Parent’, and ‘Child’ in the Generator Type filed?