[EXTENSION] TinyMCE using jQuery

Dear everyone,

I and my team are working to develop our own CMS base on Yii framework.

But I meet a problem with pagebreak in TinyMCE, how to use it to pager the long article.

When I used "pagebreak" in TinyMCE editor, it only added <!-- Page break --> comment to content!

Please help me!

Thank you so much!


Can I add styleselect into editor, cause I’ve tried to add, but it seem not work as tinymcw.com demo?


Hello All,

I have same problem with tinymce.

when made a print_r of the POST array and the mentioned ‘news_description’ is correct (for both the name and the value) but it is outside the Model array.

This is what i have used.







                 'useSwitch' =&gt; false,


	     'value' =&gt; &#036;model-&gt;news_description



can anybody help me.


I am having an issue with saving data while editing text in text mode. When i edit the text in text mode and switch the mode to html before saving the data, it is working fine. When i edit the text in text mode and save it while i am in text mode, all the typed in text in text while i am in text mode was lost after hitting save button.

I had problem with using TinyMCE and twitter bootstrap. But no-JQuery based version of tinymce work with twitter bootstrap.

Hello all,

I see that the latest version of Tinymce is 4.0.3 with nice modern theme.

But in Yii tinymce extension It’s not upgraded yet.

So how to upgrade Yii tinymce extension to latest version of Tinymce???

I have already tried but get a lot of bugs.

To fix this you need only replace

//these code wrote in the end of the file , make it some thing like this

$uri = rawurlencode('$("#'.$id.'").toggleModeTinyMCE('.$jsToggleLabels.')');


$uri = rawurlencode('tinymce.execCommand("mceToggleEditor",false,"'.$id.'")');

Is the developer still around? I was wondering how difficult this was to update to a newer version of TinyMCE. The version in the plugin doesn’t seem to work in IE11. The editor window is blank and setting compatibility to IE10 brings it back again