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Error in Chrome while deleting an message

Hi I am facing a problem in chrome. While i am going to delete any item after selecting and deleting its not deleting. not even read and unread.

In console its giving error

"Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method ‘attr’ of null mailbox.js:303

$.yiimailbox.submitAjax mailbox.js:303

$.yiimailbox.updateMailbox.$.draggable.containment mailbox.js:61

jQuery.event.dispatch jquery.js:3332


While the same code is running in firefox and Ie.

don’t know why… Please help me. I am stuck.

hi Maclein , derek

help me pls…im also stuck with the same problem

Just change line 36 from focus to mousedown event:

$('#message-list-form :input').focus(function() {


$('#message-list-form :input').mousedown(function() {

Should solve the problem.

in which file?


I am very new to yii. i am trying to use this mailbox extension and i ran into this problem…Some one please help me…Thankx in advance

Alias "mailbox.MailboxModule" is invalid. Make sure it points to an existing PHP file and the file is readable.

You need to follow the installation instructions for the MailboxModule module.

And you also need to read the Yii Guide:


Don’t waste your time, and ours, before you have read it. Thanks. ;)

Any one knows how to disable the ‘to’ dropdown, and is it possible to send the username by url.

That is your coding part… You need to solve it by yourself by considering the relative schema of your db… Yes this can be done… But need some tweek…