Error Implementing Forum With Postgres


Thanks for your forum module. I am trying to run this extension with Postgres 8.4.

I did the conversion.

However, I have the following error:

column «t.is_sticky» must appears in a GROUP BY clause.

I tried to fix it using pgadmin only, as follows:

SELECT forum_id AS c, COUNT(*) AS s FROM thread t WHERE (t.forum_id=2) GROUP BY forum_id, is_sticky, t.created, t.subject ORDER BY is_sticky DESC, created DESC, subject

And in pgadmin, it worked.

I did the module generation of the 4 tables you use, very careful (only copying the differences in rules and relations - just adding them, leaving yours).

May be the error is accepted in Mysql but not in Postgres.


In what part of your module can I include the rest of group by fields? All of the following fields: GROUP BY forum_id, is_sticky, t.created, t.subject

Maybe you have a better idea how to fix this error.

Please find attached the corresponding html tracelog.

Please your help is needed.

Best Regards,