enableAjaxValidation change color of texbox valid

In the generated login form (view), how can the color of an ajax validated textbox be changed to something other than the default green? For example, on the login form, if the username textbox gets focus and a username is entered and then the username textbox loses focus, it will change color to green. I would like to set this color to something else.


Probably successCssClass in clientOptions


tri is right, you can change the css in css/form.css more or less at line 110:

div.form div.success input,

div.form div.success textarea,

div.form div.success select,

div.form input.success,

div.form textarea.success,

div.form select.success


	background: #E6EFC2;

	border-color: #C6D880;


For change all the textbox in all application, or you can add an extra css class in the place where you want to change, and define the style as you wish.

Thanks guys!! Works perfectly :)