Display Foreign key name, instead of ID

Hi there Again,

I have a quick question.
I have a foreign key link from “Klanten_id” to my Klanten tabel “ID” in my Overzicht Table.
Now the the gridview on my Overzicht index shows the id, but I want it to show the name that is linked to the chosen “ID”

I will show screenshots to make it easier to understand!

But i want it to show this on Overzicht.

That would be “Klanten.klantennaam” that has the “Klanten_ID 1”

If anyone can help me would be highly appreciated.
Excuses for the bad english!



i have tried what u sent me and im doing something wrong.
This is my relation

and this is my gridview.

I know that im doing something wrong, just not what.

Hopefully u can enlighten me!

Try replacing attribute with value.
Or you can just use klanten.Klanten_klantennaam (like the other columns).


I have added both options but they show this.


What is the exact column name in the Klanten table?


And the foreignkey link is Klanten_id but i dont want it to show the id in de index but the Name that has that is linked to the “klanten_id”

So with this method you should use klanten.klantennaam

(I don’t remember the exact characteristics of using foreign key defined in the db and I wont look it up today).

Thank you, it worked!!

But do u know how i give the option to also be able to searchfilter. for the name in the gridview as the rest?

im in the code .

A little bit more complex.

Perhaps this post can help

This goes into the search model search()
joinWith() the relation.
add sort attributes (use table name not relation name)
(in case of computed fields, add attribute to search model)