Creating an agenda layout


I need to create a view that relates rooms with disciplines and assign for each day a discipline for each room and give the possibility for the user select multiple day and rooms and do a massive update to change the discipline for the selected days and have a button to go to the next and previous month.

And the layout of the view should be like this example:


Day Classroom1 Classroom2 Classroom3

1 Math English Chemistry

2 Math English Chemistry

3 Math English English

4 Math English English

5 Chemistry English English

6 English English English

7 English English English

8 Math English English

9 Math Math Math


My Database there is a table for rooms and disciplines and another table called schedule with has (id,day,room(FK) and Discipline (FK) )

I have a method that I think I can get all the rooms into columns from the controller

$columns = array(


                    'header' => 'User',

                    'value' => '$data["User"]'



In the view

$this->widget('booster.widgets.TbGridView', array(

            'type' => 'striped bordered condensed',

            'columns' => $Colunms

And another small script to get all the day on each row, but don’t know How I can add the day into that widget (booster.widgets.TbGridView) and how to create the massive update.

Do you have any suggestions?