Coding Standard tools

I didn’t think that the core team would need to have a public coding standard.

But now I agree with jacmoe because it will ease contributions to the framework and avoid this:

A layout definition file can even make things easier.

Yes, that is exactly the reason why I think it would be a good idea: to ensure that contributions are applied as cleanly as possible.

Just for exemple Yii framework + somes plugins (all needed by all my website on yii) give 120.495 errors and 23.379 warnings with the rule code of Symfony2 and beleave me I prefert Yii to Symfony2, but that avanche of error in rules desesperate me, spececialy by the extensions folder giving to me arrond 80.000 errors in rule. So Symfony2 is not clean with they hown rules and give 5.005 errors and 1.007 warnings with the demos download.

Houps I forgot some directory for Symfony2 the good count is 36.473 errors and 7.980 warnings,


Some coding standards should be defined and acceptance to the package managing should be filtered through them. Take srbac module for example - it has ugly looking code and I have to put it through PHPStorm’s “Reformat code” before I try to do something with it.

Despite me using different conventions than Yii does, I have no problem reading that code (although lack of braces on single-line if’s and loops makes you read the code more carefully).