CMS Development

I would like to create some sort of CMS for myself, but I don’t know if this is possible. For example when user requests a page :

I would like to locate some page controller, that will recoginze that this what i have to render is in english (en), and that page is topic1/topic2/topic3. Than this page controller would go to database and take a look what widgets/controllers are on that page. in this situation I have news MVC, so I activate show action on news controller and return view to my page controller. On the same page i can have other controllers (for eg. voting poll controller/widget).

So basically my question is if I can call other controller from controller and take back it’s rendered output. ??

Should I use widgets for this? Articles widget, voting poll widget, menu widget… ? But then I need only one Controller on site…

You can render the different sections with partials or you can use widgets for the different sections


I am new in yii framework work and currently working on CMS. I have no idea how to create CMS in yii. I have few templates which I have to make it editable vai yii framework. I am not able to display static html page inside yii framework view. Can anyone help me how to create editable html page vai UI. If you can suggest extension that will help me lot. How to make container for editable HTML page. In one click html element become editable and edited content will be replaced by existing content. I am trying to open entire html page in div tag via renderpartial but its throwing error message. Plz help me how to handle this situation.

Thank You in advance. Plz reply as fast as possible.

you need to open that page using any wysyiwyg editor like ckeditor and then edit the page then save it to db or file. to display static pages put your static content in a php file under views/site/pages/ so that you can access it in the site controller like accessing about page.