Best Rich Text Editor

I think you’re misunderstanding. they’re talking about web-base editors.

nicedit looks really nice… might be exactly what my clients (with zero html knowledge) need

I used to ckeditor but i don’t like to code html too much. It’s just a lot of work and I always had many small problems. html is stressfull! Now I use the site builder from my web host because its free and easy to use. And my pages look better than before too.

It depends on what you need, full or light and preference, etc.

I prefer TinyMCE.

I vote for CKEditor because its easy to extend it and create your own plugins, comes with a jquery version that is easier to work with, also it is better looking than most

can you please add CLEditor?

It’s Jquery ‘native’

I’m too new on the forum to post the URL

Yes, currently I’m using CLEditor and it looks good. Yii has extension for it.

i used FCKEditor before, but it is heavy weight editor, so i usually use TicyMCE.

Ckeditor is best

Guys, you should check elRTE (and elFinder for file management).

If your going to use HTML 5 you might wanna checkout aloha.

It does look pretty sweet and in some cases it may supply a more natural way of editing your content.