Anyone using Yii2 with PHP 7.3 or 7.4? Any issues?

Hello guys,

I am currently using Yii2 with PHP 7.1 in production. But I am thinking to update PHP version to 7.3 or even 7.4 either for security and new functionalities reasons. This is why I would like to hear reportings about the results from anyone using those versions in production, please.

Any issues? Any “hack” needed? Any limitation?

Thank you.

Ok, I found some answers here:

So, the first link shows Yii2 is compatible with 7.3 and the second link shows many problems about 7.4 for a while.

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In my company we run several projects on Yii2 + PHP 7.3 and don’t found any problems.

We are running several apps with Yii2 and php 7.3 and there are no problems.

Thank you guys. So, I will start to use 7.3. :+1:t3: